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Tube mini amplifier with high-quality sound.
Despite its size and a small power of 2.5 Watts, this amplifier has shown itself on the positive side and sounds good.
The mock-up sample voices a room with an area of 33 sq.m. The amplifier is assembled on 6F5P tubes, the analogues of these tubes are ECL85/805, 6GV8. You can order both a ready-made amplifier and a kit for self-assembly.
Available in stock.
New printed circuit boards for the Ampearl RE2030LCR SE phono amp.
DIP switches are installed on the PCB to change the input impedance and input capacitance.

New in 2021!
RIAA GE-transistor
Phono amp on germanium transistors.
For beginners and professional vinyl lovers. Quality sound at an affordable price.
Available in stock.
DIY Kit phono amp on germanium transistors. The kit includes all the necessary components for assembling a high-quality phono amp.
Available in stock.

New in 2021! Ampearl RE-2021GE
Phono amp on germanium transistors.
Available in stock.
New RE2030LCR SE
Differences from the RE2030LCR version: new front panel design, two switchable inputs, 5C4S (GZ34) vacuum rectifier.

Ampearl Phono-stages will satisfy all your musical tastes and preferences.